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Message Queue—Overview

The Message Queue Tab

The Message Queue tab is the primary work area for customer service agents. This is where agents retrieve incoming messages and compose their answers. The Message Queue area is normally composed of two tabs: My Queue and Search. If a user is given authority to perform certain administration functions, an additional tab named Supervise also appears.

The My Queue Page

One of the key elements of iService is its ability to route incoming emails, agent created tickets, and other types of items using a skills-based routing approach. This routing process is customizable by your administrator by assigning skills to agents and also to topics. As an agent, all you need to do to get the next message in queue is click the New Mail button from inside the My Queue page. This process is illustrated in the My Queue video tutorials.

The Supervise Page

The Supervise tab is usually limited to the user type of CSR Manager and Administrator. This screen shows the current count of all unanswered messages by topic, at a glance. It also provides the ability to drill down into the queues and see all of the individual messages and their details. And, the Mass Update option on the page allows agents to take action on multiple messages at once. Click here to view the Supervise video tutorials.

The Interaction Search Page

Agents and managers may need to search the database for messages history. The interaction search tab supports simple and multiple criteria searches. All aspects of the interaction are searchable, including information such as the agent that answered the message. Click here to view the Interaction Search video tutorials.