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Find Answers—Overview

The Find Answers Tab

The Find Answers tab provides an interface for customers to search a database of answers deemed useful by agents and managers. In effect, this is a hierarchal FAQ that can be searched or browsed by clicking on the various topics at the left of the screen. Users can rate articles to help identify content that needs updating. They can also subscribe to answers so they will receive updates in the answer is changed in the future.

Overview for Users

This section of the help site contains information about how to find the answers you need, how to view those answers, and how to manage your subscriptions. It is intended for end users of the Find Answers interface. Click here for user help.

Overview for Content Administrators

This section of the help site is intended for people that administer the content of the iService system. If you need to learn more about creating articles or overall design of the knowledge base, click here.