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Customer Infoā€”Overview

The Customer Info Tab

iService includes the ability to manage all of your interactions with contacts. Every email interaction is automatically archived within the system, and call notes can be added to provide a complete view of your interactions with the contact. Contacts can be associated with organizations, which provide an effective way to view all of your contacts within an organization.

The Search Page

The first step in viewing the details of a contact is to locate it within the iService database. The search tab consists of a single option called, ā€¯Advanced Search.ā€¯  This search allows for single or multiple criteria for making queries of the database.

This process is illustrated in the Customer Info Search video tutorials.

The Contact Page

The Contact tab provides detailed information about the selected contact, as well as tabs for viewing interaction history and mailing list subscriptions. You can also create notes, outgoing emails, and tickets for the contact from this page. Click here to view video tutorials about working with contacts. Click here to view the Working with Contacts video tutorials.